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My Modus Operandi….or something to that affect

30 Jul

It seems that everyone out there has something to say about everything these days. This is a very democratizing effect on our means of intellectual production, yet if I remember correctly the big three of classical philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates- in reverse chronological order) had one big reservation about democracy: it would eventually end up in mob rule. I tend to agree and disagree with that; however, I adhere to the idea that human beings are generally democratic animals but ‘with democracy, there must also be some evolution’.

This blog (at least I hope) will serve as a personal source of evolution for myself and like minded people. As an activist with his own aspirations, feelings, and experiences I have had my eyes open to many things and there’s a lot to criticize and many unfinished projects that should be completed. The project of democracy must be constantly reevaluated for it to ever be considered complete.

To go back to my original assessment of the ideas of the big three, it behooves me to include John Stuart Mill’s concept of the “marketplace of ideas” in the philosophical reference pool. As a Socialist / Democratic Socialist (actually, at times a eclectic leftist in terms of analysis)  I wouldn’t stand by significant actualities being left to a market but, then again event the most ardent (if they are genuine) believers and defenders in democracy must acquiesce to pluralism. Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, and generally the internet, as polluted as it is, creates the somewhat ideal realization of the marketplace of ideas. The sink or swim concept of the marketplace of ideas, in regards to political/ public policy and life allows us to have democracy and quality in the discourse, thereby vindicating us in practical biopolitical life.

If I have learned anything from activism and my political lessons is this: controlling or influencing the discourse is essential for doing anything significant.

In summation, this blog is not just a form of confession, self-indulgence, or self-publication, it is in itself a individual democratic and political act. Even adding one more progressive, and perhaps intellectual left voice, can help us to realize ‘change’; as opposed to it just being a ‘catchy and hip” campaign slogan used by one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the United States of America.