Anti-Capitalist resources

8 Sep

I leave for Europe (Ireland & then England) in seven days. Before I leave I wanted to look up some resources for the left-wing in Manchester/ UK and around Europe and I happened upon the studies in Anti-capitalism website:

Anti-capitalism does not focus on merely an alternative economic model to neoliberal capitalism or capitalism itself, but it also encapsulates the political and social aspirations of the left.

In Marx’s “Das Kapital” (in English the “Capital”) he explores the social relations involved with the capitalist mode of production. Through alienation, exploitation, and industrial modernization (which can be considered the information technology boom today). People are de-humanized and damaged by capitalism in a systematic fashion. The corrosive effects of capitalism are upheld by the state and social constructs (racism, sexism, etc….); this has been affirmed by anti-globalization activists of the present and leftists of many stripes; thereby, Marx’s Capital my be one of the foundations of anti-capitalist thought yet it does not have the monopoly upon it.

Anti-capitalism as well as the “radical”, “hard”, “progressive”, or “socialist” left defends human needs. The economic downturn, as the RAND corporation report states, will have a “destructive consequences for the international system.” ( An international system based on the dominance of corporate interests and a global ruling oligopoly have produced as the report says, “12 recessions”. Something has to give, and it should be capital before people.


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