Coverage of the G20 resistance in Pittsburgh, PA

25 Sep

Today, the NYT ran an article that detailed the coverage of police abuse, civil rights infringements, and the reaction from the authorities.

In addition to reporting on the method of information transmission, the blog also features a video from Flux Rostrum, an activist and videographer, and this details the systematic harassment campaign by the local authorities.

The G20 is a trade monopoly of the major capitalist industrial countries. The Group of 20 was created from the Group of 8 (G8) in order to coordinate macro-economic policies between its members and in the G20, the dominance of the U.S., Japan, and European Union are unchanged; however, their dominance is shared now by rising powers China, India and Brazil, amongst the major developing nations represented in the G20.

Resistance is absolutely necessary. By resistance I mean providing an alternative and abolishing the current system, so as it would seem if you want to argue against something it behooves you to also have a solution.


One Response to “Coverage of the G20 resistance in Pittsburgh, PA”

  1. FluxRostrum October 7, 2009 at 6:39 PM #

    Part 2 of this story.

    This video includes a beautiful shot of them feeding people at the end of the permitted march.

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