peace_fair_013My name is Clifford (“Cliff”) Cawthon and I am a student, activist, and worker in Buffalo, NY. I have a Bachelors in Political Science, and a minor in philosophy and an Marxist outlook to boot, oh my!

The internet has become as powerful a tool as the printing press, and just as dangerous. At a July panel discussion at London’s Frontline Club (see it here) between Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Zizek, progressive radical journalist Amy Goodman Zizek said of assange’s digital journalism: “You are a terrorist in the way that Gandhi was. In what sense was Gandhi a terrorist? He tried to stop the normal functioning of the British state in India. You are trying to stop the normal functioning of information circulation.” 

Yes, welcome to 2011 and post-modernism with it’s non-spaces and smooth surfaces on which subjectivity easily move with no history: we are all terrorists now! Telling the truth in an age in which the human race is so connected yet, almost all of the commons is privatized and governments are beholden to private interest, is a revolutionary act.

Over the last year and a half we have seen the rise of blogs, websites, and hacking play a role in overthrowing governments and highlighting abuses by them. Information is now life-and-death more than any time in our history. Therefore, activists must be able to tell their own stories and communicate with their own incendiary words. 

These pieces are reports, comments, multimedia packages, and other general bits of information that is relevant to issues of social justice, environmentalism, and anti-capitalist theory. And it is with these ideas that we may make any kind of difference for ourselves.

So please read my posts and enjoy them, hate them, do what you will with them. I am open to criticism and networking, to connect feel free to comment on the page or email me through wordpress.



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